A bit over 7 years ago I was highly stressed at work and needed to find a way to relax so that the time I would spend at home would be quality time with my family. That is when I took up scrapbooking. Mind you, I had never done anything creative, outside of writing, but there was something about preserving memories in wonderfully decorated albums that brought out the creativity in me.

Seven years later, I am a scrapaholic. Any chance I get I sit and crop. Now, I am not your typical scrapper. I can't crop by theme or by year. I tried that. I did my daughter's first year and my son's second year and I got bored out of my mind.

Scrapbooking is about what works for you. Everyone has their own style. So I found that I enjoyed cropping the very best pics from random events. These include pics of the kids in the pool, pics of me and my hubby hugging on Christmas Eve, pics of the kids feeding ducks, etc. My albums are colorful and filled with a combination of the very best memories that we have created as a family. Memories that we will forever cherish.

My Little Man Workshop - November 2009

CTMH Jingle Workshop - November 2009

CTMH Daydream Workshop - October 2009

CTMH Grace Workshop - October 2009

CTMH Twitterpated Workshop - September 2009

JULY WORKSHOP - Animal Cookies

The Animal Cookies Workshop was held on Sunday, July 12. I must say that it was probably one of my faves as I was able to enjoy everyone using different types of pictures to create their own personal page. I used pictures of my kids on the beach, while one of the girls used pictures of her daughter playing in the backyard, and yet another one of the girls used pictures of her and her mom when she was younger. The layouts came out beautiful and the colors were fabulously vibrant.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am excited. Tomorrow I will register to become a Close to My Heart Consultant. It is so wonderful to know that I will be doing something outside of my regular career that although can be considered work, I enjoy doing. I sit down and look at where I started with scrapbooking and where I am today and I can't believe that for once I have found something that totally "takes me away" (I guess Calgon does that to some, but scrapbooking does it for me - lol). And in addition to that, I continue seeking ways to make my invitations more unique.

You know, when I was a young girl, I dreamed of having a card shop, you know something like a Hallmark store. Then I figured if I could not have one, I would at least love to make cards or invitations. Now here I am, 34 years old, and living that dream. I know that faith and determination will make me successful.

I will go posting updates regarding CTMH and will also post samples of my invitations soon.

Have a great night!

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